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52062 Aachen

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Our Service:

For request of prescritions and refills use the maibox


Phone: 0241 – 47 588 445


the following working day you can pick it up








Innere- & Allgemeinmediziner
in Aachen auf jameda

If you require medical advice on tuesday afternoon please contact :

Praxis Ursula Gojdie Wirichsbongardstrasse 1

Phone: 0241 – 33417


If you require medical advice

on holidays, in the evening, on the afternoon of wednesday or friday please contact:

Notfallpraxis der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung in Luisenhospital

or call:

Phone: 116 117  for home-visit if you can`t leave home.

In an emergency call  Phone:   112


„The real crisis in medicine today is not about economics, insurance  or managed care–it’s about the loss of the fundamental human relationship between doctor and patient.

Health care with a human face, in which the time-honored art of healing   guides doctors in their approach to patient care and their use of medical technology.

Doctors and patients can cultivate a relationship of trust, and  patients can obtain the most complete and beneficial care through a combination of healing techniques and conventional practices.

The art of healing does not mean abandoning the spectacular advances of modern science, but rather incorporating them into a sensitive, humane, enlightened approach to medical care.“


Referring to:       Bernhard Lown : The art of healing